Graduate Division Online Calendar:
scheduling guidelines

Please review all formatting requirements carefully before scheduling your preliminary and final document reviews. All basic questions are answered in the formatting manual found on the "Preparing to Graduate" page.

In addition, please carefully review the following before scheduling your appointments with the Graduate Division. The following limitations are in effect each quarter. Please check the registrar's website or the Graduate Division website for specific dates.
  • Limited appointments are available for the first three weeks of each quarter.
  • Only final document reviews are available during week nine through finals week each quarter. Please make every effort to complete your preliminary appointment well in advance of the last two weeks of the quarter.
  • You may not schedule your final document review on the last Friday of the quarter unless your defense is on the Wednesday or Thursday immediately preceding that Friday.
  • Appointments may be made at least one full day in advance, but not more than 60 days in advance.
  • Graduate Division recommends that you complete your preliminary appointment prior to your defense; your final document review must be after your defense.

Please email the appropriate advisor below if you have extenuating circumstances and would like to request an exception to any of the above policies. You must explain your circumstances and provide your full name and PID.

Eliese Maxwell PhD dissertation appointments
Kelsey Darvin Master's thesis appointments (Biology, ECE, Structural Eng, SIO)
Kim McCusker Master's thesis appointments (Schools of Arts & Hum, Physical Sciences, & Social Sciences, Mat Sci, MAE, Data Sciences (HDSI))
Karen Villavicencio Master's thesis appointments (BENG, CENG/NENG, CSE)
Sara Miceli MPH, DMA, EdD and all joint PhD program dissertation appointments

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